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Whole Foods

At-home indoor gardening kits have become more popular than ever, especially since the start of the pandemic. People are looking to be independent and health conscious.


Whole Foods has four main missions: responsible sourcing, quality standards, community giving and environmental stewardship. With the new Whole Foods Grow-as-a-Whole kits, people can experience all four simultaneously.

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The Kits

The kits include all the materials needed to start your own at home garden. There are a variety of kits to choose from with edible foods like herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more.

The Interface

Using the Whole Foods app, people will receive helpful tips and be able to track the growth of their gardens.

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Achievement Plus Donation

Consumers are rewarded with achievement badges the more they grow plants to full heights. With each achievement, Whole Foods would donate one pound of food to local food banks or directly to those in need.

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Activation in Classroom

To support early food education, Whole Foods will donate the Grow-as-a-Whole kits for classrooms to enjoy. Students will get hands on experience with the food growing process while learning responsibility.

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