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Topo Chico

Topo Chico was founded on The Legend of the Princess.


It states that an Aztec king's daughter was gravely ill and no one could heal her. They eventually learned of waters so powerful that just bathing in them would cure her. Once they traveled to the mole-shaped hill, they bathed in the waters. The princess fully recovered and returned optimistic, strong and refreshed.


Today, people around the world drink refreshing Topo Chico Mineral Water and have the opportunity to write their own legends.


Topo Chico Poster Wall.jpg


To get everyone involved, Topo Chico will encourage people to share their journey of becoming a legend on social media. Using the hashtag #Writeyourownlegend people will share things they are doing to write their own legend. The best stories will be posted every week and featured on the Topo Chico social accounts.

Topo Chico Social Media.png

Topo Chico Van

People will be able to rent Topo Chico vans to take road trips. What better way to write your own legend than learning about your surroundings and having new experiences?

Topo Chico Van.png
Flat Wrist Band.png
Round Wrist Band.png
Legends Tent.jpg

Topo Chico Legends Tent

At music festivals, Topo Chico wants to help you find your legend status. Aspiring legends can enter to win the ultimate Legends Tent experience.

Legends Wall

Everyone has heard of the “Before I die I will…” walls. Well, Topo Chico wants to know what you are going to do to become a legend. These walls would be put up at events, people will fill out their goals and these will be on display to inspire others to start their legendary journeys.

To Become A Legend Wall.jpg

Topo Chico x Contiki

Topo Chico has teamed up with Contiki to promote legendary experiences. Traveling to exotic locations and meeting new people is a surefire way to start writing your own legend.

Contiki Grid 3.jpg
Tiki 4.jpg
Contiki Grid 1.jpg
Contiki Grid 2.jpg
Tiki 3.jpg
Contiki Tours-hero.jpeg
Contiki x Topo Chico Reversed.jpg
Contiki Grid 4.jpg
Coniki 4.jpg
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