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MilkRun requested a creative campaign with an evergreen content strategy to help their farm-to-consumer food delivery service increase weekly subscriptions and gain brand awareness in the Portland market.


We answered by creating an integrated campaign around the concept of “Closing the Gap Between You and Your Food.” We generated multiple creative solutions using various aspects of the local Portland community. The campaign was presented to executives at R/GA Portland.

Influencer Box.png

Portland Influencer Box

Insta Ad 2.png
Insta Ad 1.png

Instagram Sponsored Ads

Adding sponsored ads and farmer features are great ways to engage the millennial audience, increase followers and generate impressions.

Farmer Features

To create a human connection and show exactly where their food comes from, MilkRun will post videos to their social pages that introduce the farmer to the consumer.

Interactive Map.png

Interactive Map

An interactive map will be added to the MilkRun app so people can see the locations of the farms where their food comes from. A short description will appear giving the consumer more information about the farm and the source of their food.


Stair Wrap.png

Portland Stair Mural

A stair mural at the Sunset Transit Center in SW Portland/Beaverton would be Instagram-able for millennials, which would increase brand visibility and awareness as more people share photos of it.

Bus Shelters and Bus Wrap

These TriMet bus shelter ads and wraps would be seen by many busy, urban millennial consumers. People often make their food choices based on convenience instead of health, but now they can get good groceries delivered to their door and know it comes from high quality sources.

Bus (No Background).png
Bus Stop Ad (Edited).png
Pop-Up Tent.png
Portland Saturday Market Roll-Up 1.png
Portland Saturday Market Roll-Up 2.png

Oregon State Fair

The Oregon State Fair is an excellent opportunity to reach those who value local products. In addition to the pop-up, MilkRun will provide the first 500 visitors with reusable bags that include informational sheets and refrigerator magnets.

Sticker in Bag 1.png
Sticker in Bag 3.png
Tote Bag Mockup (No Background 2).png
Sticker in Bag 2.png
Reusable Bag Insert.png

Portland Wall Mural

Millennials value novel out of home experiences. A wall mural placed in trendy areas of Portland, like the Pearl District, would grab their attention on their way to Stumptown or Powell’s. Having people share the pictures they take here would make MilkRun into a local household name.

Mural Wall.png
Ice Cream Tub 1.png
Ice Cream Tub 2.png

Partner With Salt & Straw

Salt and Straw is an ice cream chain that is a unique staple to Portland culture. Since Salt and Straw uses local ingredients, MilkRun could partner with them to have a seasonal ice cream flavor.

Account Manager: Alex Bogage

Media Planner: Emily Cline

AD: Ashlee Eakin

Strategist: Nick Giani

CW: Hilary Smith

Strategist: Drew Vandenbroeder

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